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It is same as delivery report. In Schedule DLR you will get the delivery report of schedule sms

Failed DLR

If due to some issue your scheduled sms request were failed then those sms request shown here.

Delivered DLR

List of all Scheduled Delivered Sms shown here.Just click on the Delivered DLR and get the list. By default it's shown the last 7 day’s Delivery report.

Scheduled DLR

Whenever you can schedule a sms then till scheduled time it will be shown here. by default whenever you click on the Scheduled DLR then that option were open.

If you want to export or download the Delivery report then just click here. it will save in your system.

If you want to delete the sms request then just click on delete icon so that request were deleted and sms were automatically re credited in your account.

If you want to resend the sms request right now then just click on that now so your sms were send at the same time.

If you want to reset the sms request time or you want to change the time then just click on that icon so and set the new desired time from here.

Detailed Delivery Report :- if you want to know the status of the each sms with detail then just click on the sms content. Then you can able to see the all the Details under the Detailed Delivery Report.

  • Sent time - This status is displayed when an SMS are submitted to our operator.
  • Scheduled Time - Sent is shown when SMS are forwarded from our operator but they do not get the any update from the end user mobile operator. If mobile is out of network till 4 hours until then the reports will be displayed as Sent or report pending.
  • Sms status - When the messages are received by the user successfully, delivered is displayed.
  • Route name - A message can fail due to different reasons and stops it from getting delivered.

Note :- Download the delivery reports in every 7 days to avoid unnecessary loss of Data. Since we can't guarantee its availability beyond this period.