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Here you find the status of your all sms campaign. It describe the brief status of the sms sent by you. It is the real time delivery report.

Features of delivery report -
  • 1. Real time status of every single sms
  • 2. you can export the sms report.

7 Days Dlr

By default the 7 Day’s Delivery Report Shown.

if you want to know the status of the each sms with detail then just click on the sms content. Then you can able to see the all the Details under the Detailed Delivery Report.

  • Sent time - Time at which sms was sent.
  • Sms status - Detailed status of sms is shown here.
  • Route name - Through which sms get its delivery

There are various status in the delivery report and their meanings are as follows:

  • 1. Submitted- This status is displayed when an SMS are submitted to our operator.
  • 2. Sent Status- Sent is shown when SMS are forwarded from our operator but they do not get the any update from the end user mobile operator. If mobile is out of network till 4 hours until then the reports will be displayed as Sent or report pending.
  • 3. Delivered- When the messages are received by the user successfully, delivered is displayed.
  • 4. Failed- A message can fail due to different reasons and stops it from getting delivered.
  • 5. Blocked number- If a number is Blacklisted then the SMS will not be delivered to that number. You can see the blocked number in the section of Blacklisted number of Phone book.
  • 6. Expired- If the mobile number not in reach then after a certain time there status will be shown to Expired.

There are various reason for status Failed:

Failed -There are a number of reason why the may received a failed outcome for a message:

  • 1. The number is inactive and is not recognized by the networks as being a live number.
  • 2. The number being sent to has a text forwarding service activated.
  • 3. No Signal – The phone was out of range and stayed out of range until the message expired.
  • 4. Handset switched off – The phone was switched off and message expired
  • 5. Some handsets (including Iphones) have a feature that will only allow messages to be delivered with a numeric sender ID. Messages sent with your company name as the sender name for example, will not be delivered to hand sets with this feature active.
  • 6. Some smartphones have a function that will only allow the delivery of messages from known numbers.
  • 7. Older handsets have a maximum inbox size, so when the inbox is full, the message cannot be delivered.
  • 8. Phones that are outside and do not have roaming enabled will be unable to receive messages.
  • 9. Sometimes a message can ‘hang’ on the network even though a phone is switched on and has good reception. If the user switches their phone off and on again the message is usually then delivered immediately. (Anyone who owns an iPhone will be familiar with this phenomenon!)

More Dlr

If you want to download the delivery report for specific date or specific range then the more DLR option is helpful for you.

Here you have two option.

  • 1. Last 7 Day’s.
  • 2. More Day’s.
  • Just as per your need select the date range start date and end date and click on the Export Now Button. You will get the complete delivery report on your system.

    Note :- Download the delivery reports in every 7 days to avoid unnecessary loss of Data. Since we can't guarantee its availability beyond this period.