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Transactional Bulk SMS service in hyderabad has become very popular and useful for passing information to the customers about the product or business offer.
With a large number of the database, it is necessary the information gets delivered at the very appropriate time and date. Transactional Bulk SMS service in hyderabad has become the most proficient way of the interacting tool with people all around and informs them about the important updates.
It does not enclose any kind of promotional or marketing data thus, as per the TRAI Guideline, it is permitted to send SMS to the DND (Do Not Disturb) or NDNC registered numbers through Transactional SMS. Sending informative SMS to the customers is simple, quick and, beneficial. Being one of the leading amongst Bulk SMS Providers in Hyderabad, Tree SMS works with its team of experts assists in the convenient delivery of information to the people.
Transactional Bulk SMS allows giving their informative messages, updates, notifications, and alerts to their valuable customers. Transactional Bulk SMS service in hyderabad is the best medium to save time and money.

Features of sending bulk messages through Transactional Route:
  • It allows sending messages to DND Registered Numbers.
  • Only informative messages are allowed to send.
  • On-Time Delivery Report
  • Instant Delivery in just one click.
  • No time limit, messages can be sent anytime

    Sending transactional Bulk SMS to the thousand of numbers is more simple and easier now. In just one click it’s very convenient and instant to reach them, inform them or interact with them.
    Being one of the leading providers of Transactional SMS in hyderabad, Tree SMS service serves the best, genuine and affordable Transactional Bulk SMS Service in hyderabad.
    Instant alerts, reminders, information, OTPs or notifications kind of messages are allowed to pass via this route which has not any kind of the purpose of generating leads and growing sales but informing customers about the on-going services, products or brands.
    We have been serving Transactional SMS Service for various organizations and educational institutions. That has successfully become the most effective way of using the most affordable and reliable service to interact and communicate instantly. Tree SMS provides cost-effective and profitable SMS Service for different businesses. Transactional Bulk SMS Service effects on making high Return on Investment due to very lower cost & higher delivery rate. This is the preferred delivery procedure. However, the large number of users retrieves an appropriate message that provides an opportunity to access a large set of an audience. We are providing very easy and simplest way of communicating and interacting with the public. You can link to Tree SMS service by email, call or message. Tree SMS service in hyderabad can ensure to provide complete support throughout the transaction. We are proud of our excellent customer feedback and always strive to serve the best service to our valuable customers. We are steadily working hard to excel and are trying to keep the promise of been most reliable Transactional Bulk SMS Service Provider in hyderabad.

    Benefits of Transactional SMS:
  • Enables to send messages to DND numbers.
  • These SMS can be sent without any time constraint.
  • Delivering urgent information to the set of audience is possible with Transactional Bulk SMS.
  • Push Delivery report option is available.
  • Free API to integrate in your software’s, only pay for SMS credits; even you can enable IP authentication to block list server IP.