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The Bulk SMS has become popular among the past several years. This is because bulk SMS is a unique way to reach millions of people at a single time just within less than a minute. Since the past few years, the use of mobile phone is increasing day by day. Bulk SMS is the text service that is sent to thousands of mobile numbers as a message. Due to this mobiles user’s increment, Bulk SMS has taken the largest place in the market.

The reason behind Bulk SMS popularity:

Bulk SMS is one of the important services in every business, brand, and sector. Why? It is because of the following reasons:

  • It is efficient and can reach more than thousands of people at a single time.
  • It is cheaper and affordable than other communication services like Email, mass media, etc.
  • This service can be used in both informational purposes as Transactional service and promotional purpose as Promotional Bulk SMS service.
  • The SMS contains 160 characters that help in creating brief and precise messages for customers.
  • What is Bulk SMS Reseller Service?

    Bulk SMS Reseller is similar to Bulk SMS, only the difference is; in the reseller service Bulk SMS is resell by any company or individual to their clients. The process is simple, you have to purchase Bulk SMS service from best Bulk SMS provider company, and then you can resell the SMS service to your own customers at other prices. The Reseller program is the best way to set up a Bulk SMS without spending an excessive amount of money.

    How to set up Bulk SMS Reseller business?

    Setting a Reseller business is not much difficult. It could be possible that a reseller will get small customers rather than large entrepreneurs or other customers. A reseller setup requires little expenditure and need to purchase Bulk SMS set up from any Aggregator Bulk SMS provider. The one factor that is risky for a reseller is, the SMS credits should be bought upfront by the Bulk SMS. Also, the payment will have to collect by the reseller from his or her client.

    The reseller program is much better than setting up Bulk SMS aggregator program, it is because you get everything from aggregators and you don’t need to spend your money at a large scale. Also, if you get any trouble you can easily contact your aggregator Bulk SMS Company from where you have purchase Reseller service.

    Advantages of Bulk SMS Reseller Program:

    Bulk SMS Reselling is the best way to set up a business and get clients. It because of the following reasons:

    No setup Cost: The first and important benefit of the reseller program is that you do not need to invest money on setting up your reseller Bulk SMS business. In the case of the reseller program, the running cost is much lower than running a bulk SMS service directly. The reseller can provide his service at own prices and has bright chances to get significant advantages.

    Extend the commercial relationship with clients: The reseller Bulk SMS service can easily be built the new relationship with the clients. It is because the resellers have various options of contacting large and small customers in local places such as shopkeepers, schools, colleges, voting campaign owners and many others. Also, the reseller can extend the relations with existing clients by increasing the capability of sending bulk SMS and offering the best offers.

    The SMS portal: The reseller program provides fully functional Bulk SMS portal. A reseller can get access to the website so that he could launch his business. The customization of his website can be according to his requirement. Generally, the Bulk SMS panel is given to Bulk SMS resellers. He has the right to Bulk SMS website on social media pages that will be beneficial to the reseller business.

    Technical Support: The reseller has the most precious benefit that he does always have the technical support of the company from where he purchased the bulk SMS service. As the reseller use the facilities that are provided by Bulk SMS provider to him, he is free from the going deep of technical problems. The SMS provide will automatically solve every technical problem.